We invite you to present your challenging brick, block, stone building restoration, repair, waterproofing projects to our design team.  We look forward to presenting you with creative and cost-effective solutions to your structure’s restoration and waterproofing problems. 

PG Plaza


Office Buildings

Facade Inspection and Repair

Facade Inspection and Repair

*Exterior Cleaning / Sealing     *High Rise Sealant Replacement                *Glazing System Repair

*Stucco Repair                          *Sealer/Water Repellants                            *Breathable Masonry Coatings

*Parapet Wall Rebuilding          *Roofing Repair                                           *EIFS Repair

*Waterproofing and Flashing Installation                                                      *Facade Repair

*Tuck Pointing


Historic Buildings and Structures

Historic Restoration

*Tuckpointing                                 *Brick Replacement                              *Terra Cotta Repair/Replacement

* Brick Infills                                    *Historic Mortar Matching                     *Lime Putty Installation

*Federal Historic Registry Standards                                                          *Limestone Restoration

*Historic Structure Cleaning and Sealing                                                    * Cracked Mortar

*Historic Facade Restoration