We invite you to present your challenging stone and masonry restoration, repair, and waterproofing projects to our design team.  We look forward to presenting you with creative and cost-effective solutions to your structure’s problems.

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Because of their massive size and impressive appearance, stone and masonry structures often seem indestructible. However, these buildings and structures face threat of deterioration from forces such as age, water intrusion, freeze-thaw cycle, biological growth and neglected maintenance.

Deterioration takes the form of cracks, crumbling, spalling, leaking buildings, delamination, efflorescence, tripping and safety hazards as well as loss of beauty of the building or structure. The most effective way to prevent these types of deterioration is through timely repairs and preventative maintenance.

Restoration Services for Stone and Masonry Buildings and Structures

Historic Landmarks



*Stone Repair/Replacement                         *Cleaning, Consolidation Treatments and Sealing

*Joint Repair and Matching                          *Veneer Removal, Waterproofing and Replacement

*Large Stone Work                                        *Stone and Masonry Structural Stabilization

*Deterioration Analysis and Recommendations

Stone Buildings

Stage for Stone Repair

*Granite Veneer Repair / Replacement       *Wall Capstone Resetting/Repair

*Limestone facade restoration                      *Granite Repair/Replacement

*Marble Repair/Replacement                       *Sandstone Repair/Replacement

*Caulking/Sealants                                        *Water Repellants and Natural Stone Treatments

*Chimney Restoration                                    *Stone Dutchmans