We invite you to present your Industrial Facility Restoration projects to our design team.  We look forward to presenting you with creative and cost-effective solutions to your facility’s restoration and waterproofing problems.

Industrial facilities come with their own unique set of challenges.  Unique “shut down” situations that require advanced, fast setting materials.  Or the environment may be severely corrosive and standard materials will not last.  Whether your factory has a corrosive tank that is deteriorating or you manage a warehouse floor that is painful for your forklift drivers, our team has extensive expertise at devising the best “strategic” plan for your unique industrial problems.

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Restoration Services for Industrial Facility Restoration

Industrial Facilities and Warehouse Floors


*Epoxy and Industrial Flooring                         *Food Grade Restoration

*Rocking Slab Stabilization                                *Structural Crack Repair

*Uneven Joint Repair                                         *Joint Filling

*Oil Saturated Floor Repair                                *Ultra Fast Cure Floor Patching

*Industrial Coatings                                            *Industrial Flooring


Water/Chemical Tanks

Tank Repair

*Acid/Chemical Damage Repair                        *Tank Linings

*Crack Repair                                                    *Secondary Containment Coating

*Concrete Repair                                             *Chemical Matching of Coatings to Stored Materials





*Fluid and Sheet Applied                                     *Urethane Injection

*Sealant / Caulking Installation                           *Chemically Resistant Coatings

*Brick and Block Repair                                       *Tuck Pointing

*Sealer and Coating Application