We invite you to present your challenging Exterior Commercial and Industrial Concrete Structure Restoration, Repair, and Waterproofing  projects to our design team.  We look forward to presenting you with creative and cost-effective solutions to your structure’s concrete restoration and waterproofing problems. 

Restoration and Repair Services for Exterior Commercial and Industrial Concrete Structures:

Parking Garages

Parking Garage Coating Repair

*Expansion Joint Installation/Repair                         *Structural Concrete Beam, Column, Soffit Repair

*Concrete Pot Hole Repair                                      *Post Tension Cable Repair

*Traffic Coating Repair and Installation                     *Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor Treatments/Sealer Installation

*Carbon Fiber Strengthening Installation                 *Concrete Epoxy and Urethane Injection

*Concrete Spall Repair



Parking Garage Concrete Repair

*Concrete Stair Repair                                                     *Life Extending Sealer Application

*Concrete Railing Base Repairs                                    *High Performance Coating Installation


Commercial and Industrial Concrete Buildings

Bad Sealant

*Vertical Concrete Repair                                                  *Sealant/Caulking Replacement

*Extended Life Coating Installation                               *Custom Precast Concrete Steps Installation

*Stair and Railing Repair                                                      *Industrial Tank Coatings