Planned Approach, Proven Performance

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Planned Approach, Proven Performance.  At Strategic Restoration,  we provide long-term, value-driven solutions for concrete, masonry and stone buildings and structures.  We pride ourselves on taking a thoughtful approach in both our repairs and preventative maintenance.  Our aim is to preserve and protect the functionality, usage

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A Visual Guide to Common Concrete, Masonry, and Waterproofing Problems

A Visual Guide to Common Concrete, Masonry, and Waterproofing Problems

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and nowhere is this adage more relevant than the maintenance and upkeep of  concrete, masonry and stone buildings and structures.  Oftentimes, major restoration costs can be avoided by proper preventative maintanance and treatment of problems in a timely manner. Below is a brief

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Brick and Block Buildings

We invite you to present your challenging Brick and Block Building Projects to our design team. We look forward to presenting you with creative and cost-effective solutions for your building's problems! Click below to see a list of common services for Brick and Block Building Restoration. Read More

Exterior Concrete Structures

Concrete may appear indestructible, but in reality it is like a hard, porous sponge--easily penetrated by moisture and other pollutants. Let the experts at Strategic Restoration and Waterproofing restore and protect your concrete structure, ensuring it has what it needs to face the elements. Click here to Read More

Stone and Masonry

At Strategic, our team of experts take pride in preserving, protecting and restoring stone and masonry buildings and structures. With proper maintenance and care, these impressive exteriors can be both durable and beautiful. Read More

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities can take a lot of abuse. With expert preventative care and restoration, we can help extend the life and functionality of your facility. Click here to Read More






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