Cincinnati, OH

Stadium Restoration, Preservation and Waterproofing – Concrete Restoration and Repair, Caulking and Sealant Replacement, Water Repellent, Epoxy Injection of Concrete, Railing Anchor Repair

Stadiums are a huge capital investment that really deserves a plan to keep it in good condition. Sometimes things aren’t constructed quite right. We are there to help. Sometime preventative maintenance wasn’t done in time. We are there to help! And sometimes, we look at our stadiums and they are in good condition, and we want to keep them looking that way. We can help with that too. We know how stadium concrete fails. Thankfully we also know how to repair, restore, and protect the specific type of concrete used in stadiums. Concrete repair, restoration, preservation and waterproofing is what we do. Call us today(as long as it’s not game day), to take a look at your stadium. We can make your stadium safe today, and preserve it for tomorrow.

Football Stadium Concrete Restoration
Softball Stadium Railing Concrete Repair

List of Common Issues and Services on Stadiums:

* Failed Sealant or Caulking particularly at the risers

* Failed Waterproofing or Traffic Bearing Membranes in plaza spaces or above mechanical rooms

* Concrete Repair and Concrete Restoration in and out of the stands

* Railing Anchors have Failed due to lack of waterproofing, lack of sleeving or incorrect anchoring mix

* Preventative Maintenance – Concrete Water Repellent, Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor, Concrete Coatings

* Cracked Concrete Beams or Elevated Decks – Epoxy Injection, Urethane Injection, Concrete Repair

* Water pooling on concrete

* Salt damage to concrete

* Chemical cleaning of stands and water repellent

In addition to the standard concrete repair and restoration projects, we have been asked to perform a number of custom customer projects. For example, designing a curb, gutter, catch basin drainage system for a stadium that was beginning to erode and become unstable. Tracking down leaks in the tunnels. And many, many more. If it’s not right in our typical scope, just ask, and we may be able to take care of the problem. We are here to help!