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Concrete Restoration and Masonry Repair Jobs

Concrete restoration, masonry repair jobs – For information on employment, please fill out the Contact Us form on this page.


Strategic Restoration and Waterproofing is always looking for talented, hardworking, professional people who highly value honesty and integrity.  Concrete restoration and masonry repair is difficult, dusty, dirty, and we work hard at what we do.  We reward our employees with honest pay, encouragement, training, and opportunities. 

There is no doubt concrete restoration and masonry repair work is challenging, but we have developed a community of trust and reliance.  We trust each other with our safety, and we depend on each other to do our part.  We are all on the same team and we are all important.  Our management team never ask anyone to do work that we would not do ourselves. As an example, often our owner is in the trenches with our people doing the hardest tasks.  Service to each other is in our company DNA. 


Typical work we perform:

The type of work you would be doing varies dramatically day to day.  No one on our team just does one job.  Typical work includes:

  • jackhammers
  • grinder
  • sand blasting
  • placing concrete horizontally
  • form work
  • placing concrete vertically
  • using ultra fast setting mortar
  • hand packing
  • epoxy injection
  • urethane injection
  • tuck pointing
  • brick replacement
  • rebuilds
  • flashing install
  • waterproofing
  • water repellent installation
  • corrosion inhibitor application
  • sealant and caulking replacement
  • concrete and masonry coatings
  • pressure washing, chemical cleaning
  • clean up, equipment maintenance
  • customer site visits
  • surveys
  • heck we even had a field guy design customer literature because he was good at it.  The point is that we are all on the same team and if you have skills, lets put them to use.

If you have that right stuff, contact us.  Skills are a plus, but if you have the attitude, we can teach you the skills.

Concrete Restoration and Masonry Repair Jobs
Hard work is rewarding!